I’m Hannah, and as you probably had already noticed, this blog is about baking.
I have had a thing for sweet and tasty food since forever, and because my mom never bought candy or sweets, I decided, at the age of 14, to start baking my own tarts and cakes. First sporadically, but after some time it became a habit to bake something whenever I got stressed out or just needed something to do. The thing is, most of the time I’m stressed out and when I’m not, it probably means that I’ve got nothing to do. Nowadays there’s always something freshly baked at my place, which sometimes leads to great frustration with my sister who’s always attempting to lose weight, in vain.

Anyway, a little more about myself (if you’re still interested 😉 ).
I live in Belgium, near Gent and I’m 20 years young. My eyes are brown and my hair is blue. Yup, blue. It’s not that I’m a big fan of the color blue, but I like blueberries. And this information is irrelevant.
I also like cats and tea, which is irrelevant information too, but I need something to write about myself anyway, so that’s what I like to share with you.

Damn, I’m surprised that you’re still reading this… But just so you know what can be expected from this blog, I want the recipes to be a mix of old and new, traditional and crazy, and hopefully all yummy. And most of all, easy and accessible to anyone who wants to bake, from noob to expert.

Enjoy and goodpie!


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    • No problem at all. I visited Croatia a couple of years ago and I’ll definitely come back in the future 😉 It’s truly a beautiful country, with such a variety of awesome places to visit !


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